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Propane Patio Heaters – Product Information

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Posted by Stephanie H.
The energy type you choose to heat your outdoor space via patio heater is a combination of personal preference and practicality depending on what you have set up in the area already. All patio heaters use infrared heat to create infrared energy which rises to Propane_Patio_Heatersthe top of the patio heater and creates a warm orange glow. That energy is then directed down by a reflector that puts off ambient heat causing a rise in temperature approximately 10-25 feet around the patio heater. The primary difference between the types of energy sources for patio heaters is the fuel you choose to use to power it with.

Propane patio heaters are the most portable variety of heater. While electric patio heaters require an electrical outlet and natural gas heaters require a line to be run to them, propane patio heaters require only a propane tank. This allows them to be placed just about anywhere and even transported around depending on where they are needed. They work much like a propane grill In that they use a propane tank which is usually stored right underneath.
Typically lamp post in style and available in a range of finishes including stainless steel, copper, and bronze, they are constructed of a base which usually holds a propane tank, a post attached to the patio heater head which houses the emitter screen, and reflector and gas components.
Please note that as with a gas grill, propane patio heaters should only be used in wide open outdoor space and have proper ventilation.

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