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Friday, September 3, 2010 Posted by Sarah M.

Summer only lasts for a few months, so your patio may go untouched during the fall and winter seasons. Don’t let those cool temperatures keep you and your guests in the house, use a patio heater and make it possible to entertain outside year round! Patio heaters are a great addition to any outdoor living space, not only for warmth but they can also enhance the décor of your home.2290005-600px They create a bonfire-like warmth to your guests without the smoke and messy ashes. There are many different styles, sizes and colors of patio heaters; no doubt you can find one that fits your home.

Patio heaters generally have 3 different types of fuel sourcing – electric, natural gas or propane. It is important to choose the type that best fits your need. Propane patio heaters have the greatest range of mobility. They can be used in any location where you can stand the unit up. They do not require installation and only need minimal maintenance. The propane tank is hidden inside the unit and they can be stored out of sight when not in use. Propane gas is non-toxic, but is the more expensive fuel type for a patio heater. 1261521-600pxElectric patio heaters may require professional installation based on the type of voltage and wiring needed. Electric heaters have the largest size range – very small and portable up to industrial sizes that can heat a large warehouse.Slide Stainless steel-600px Electric heaters produce heat more efficiently than any other type of heater. However, they do sometimes take a little while to reach their full heat output. Natural gas patio heaters are designed to be in a permanent location and must be installed by a professional. Natural gas heaters have the lowest fuel cost out of all 3 types. They also provide instant heat, no need to wait for the unit to warm up.

Once you have decided on which fuel type to use, it is time to pick what size and design you want! Patio heaters are made in full (stand up), tabletop, or ceiling/wall mount sizing. You can determine what size you will need by using this simple formula: cubic feet of area x desired temperature rise = BTU size needed. 2290014-600pxFull-size patio heaters are the most commonly used, and they do usually feature a tilt safety switch for protection. The tilt safety switch will automatically turn off the heater if it is tilted more that set degree. Tabletop patio heaters are used for heating the concentrated area around the patio table. 2330008-600pxCeiling or wall mount patio heaters have a wide range of sizes that can be very small portable units to very large industrial units. Each category has its’ own niche of design, some are very modern with simple lines and others are unique that really can add a great focal point to any outdoor living space. Patio heaters are one of the best accessories to have on an outdoor patio. They make it easy to move your guests outside and enjoy the patio comfortably year round.

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