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Patio Heaters - Fuel Type vs. Cost Breakdown

Friday, September 10, 2010 Posted by Sarah M.

Affordability is one of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a patio heater. Patio Heaters are fashioned to use three different types of fuel – propane, natural gas or electricity. The initial cost of a patio heater is important to consider, but once you have the unit in your possession – how much is it going to cost to run? pyramid patio heater

Propane patio heaters have continual cost that is simply the price of filing the propane tank, which is roughly about $16 each time you fill up. A full propane tank should provide an estimated 10 hours of burning. Based on a patio heater than emits 40,000 BTU’s (British thermal unit), the average cost per hour would be $1.60.

fire sense wall mounted patio heaterElectric patio heaters do not have an upfront fuel cost. They do provide directional warmth which eliminates the loss of heat. Based on an electric heater emitting 40,000 BTU’s through the required (3) 4000 Watt bulbs, the average cost per hour would be about $1.30.

Natural gas patio heaters also do not have an upfront fuel cost, and are considered the least expensive type of patio heater. Usage of a natural gas patio heater would cost about $0.48 per hour (based on 40,000 BTUs). That is nearly 3 times less expensive than the electric heaters! Natural gas patio heaters are the most cost-effective, but do keep in mind – the initial cost will most likely be higher than the others. Natural gas patio heaters must be installed by professionals and are stationary units – you will not be able to move them. If you ever decide to rearrange your outdoor living space, you will need to design around your stationary patio heater.

Each fuel type of patio heaters has pros and cons…decide what things are most important to you and then choose the best model for your home.

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