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Product Review: Fire Sense Tapered Patio Heater

Patio Heaters are the best way to mask the chill of a cool night while you are relaxing outside on your deck. One of the best patio heaters on the market is the Fire Sense Tapered Patio Heater. This propane patio heater is a full size or otherwise named a tall patio heater. The Fire Sense Tapered Patio Heater will produce 40,000 BTUs (British Thermal Unit) and will reach a heat radius of 9 feet. Being able to warm such an area, this patio heater will help you and your guests enjoy the outdoors at all times of the day - even in the cooler months. This propane patio heater weighs in at 46 pounds, the base is 20” in diameter and it stands about 7.5 feet high. The Fire Sense Tapered Patio Heater also features a safety auto shut off tilt valve that will automatically turn off the heater if the unit is tilted more than a certain degree. Not only is this patio heater CSA approved but it also has a unique patented aluminum reflector hood to heat your outdoor living area most efficiently.

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